The Master’s Grapevine Quarterly April 1 2018

This is Sunday,  a 10 years old girl who has an opportunity that can lead to change. We met Sunday during our trip in March 2016 at the  market collecting empty water bottles to sale  in her village.  Seeing a brighter future where others might just see a young girl, we offered her a scholarship at go to school. She is now in 3rd grade. Years later, there is a huge difference between the person who she was then and who she is now.

sundaySunday 1st day of school







The Master’s Vineyard is committed to making stories like this more common. Come join us on this journey to change the lives of girls like Sunday.



Blessings :

This year we are blessed to be able to provide education  890 students in 3 different schools. Grace Christian Academy – Isohe primary has 340 students from kindergarten to 4th grade. Grace Christian Academy – Kapoeta has 550 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. We have 26 teachers and 10 supportive staff.

Prayer topics :

  1. To continue to serve the students
  2. More resources in staffing and technology
  3. Safety and wellness of both staff and students
  4. More people to support the ministry
  5. 2018 Monthly education budget is $5,400
  6. 2 laptops
  7. 2 commercial printers
  8. Satellite phones