Fulfilling with Compassion both the great commandment and the great commission

In March 2007 I was looking for opportunities to serve God. My journey was intercepted by a young man Mario Loyep whom I knew from the past. Our path was re-united and the bond formed led us both to Karamoja. He led us to his home land where the elders were searching for new ways to help their people. The timing was perfect for both teams and the new relationship formed is now what we call hope for tomorrow. Continue reading “Fulfilling with Compassion both the great commandment and the great commission”

Church Development Ministry 2017-2018

Dear Karamoja Pioneers,

The plans are ready , we need your support to build a church for the Karimajong people. Its a joy to witness men and women come to know Jesus through evangelism , Jesus Film, and discipleship. Partner with us to build Grace Chapel to serve community on a weekly basis

Youth in Action 2017

In January 2018 we will be on the ground ready to begin serving and implementing the vision God has entrusted us. Since 2008, we have been sharing the gospel in Moroto district and people coming to know the Lord. Grace Chapel is the first building in our church development . TMVM vision is set in such a way, that we plan, develop and establish churches to become self sufficient, with the goal of training national to take the lead.  Providing a place to worship and leaders to disciple all these new believers will strengthen their relationship with the Lord.  Continue reading “Church Development Ministry 2017-2018”

Manyatta Compound and Ministry Center 2017-2019

Component I – 2017-2019 – Manyatta Compound & Ministry Center

3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-section 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-back area3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-back area 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-courtyard 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-courtyard2

Component 1 includes the construction of several buildings. Housing, medical, security, administration, multipurpose, and early education. Upon completion the Manyatta Compound will have the capacity to house and feed 200 people. The multipurpose buildings will be suitable for conferences, regular worship services and Primary educational offerings. Permanent housing will be provided on site for administrative staff, guests, and faculty. Continue reading “Manyatta Compound and Ministry Center 2017-2019”