Church Development Ministry 2016-2018

Dear Karamoja Pioneers,

This year, we begin a new chapter in our ministry to the Karimojong people. In June we will be on the ground ready to begin serving and implementing the vision God has entrusted us. Since 2008, we have been sharing the gospel in Moroto district and people coming to know the Lord. Grace Chapel is the first building in our church development ministry and will be the first church in the area with structure for worship. TMVM vision is set in such a way, that we plan, develop and establish churches to become self sufficient, with the goal of training national to take the lead.  Providing a place to worship and leaders to disciple all these new believers will strengthen their relationship with the Lord. 

Our goal this summer is to get the church development ministry fully functioning and meeting the spiritual needs of the people. Our work will begin with road work to grace Chapel, a well, and laying the foundation with strong bims to support the roof. The walls will be added gradually as the funds become available. Once completed the building will sit 300 worshipers on sundays,  and a center for  2 pastors to disciple new believers. The weather patterns in this area are extreme so having a strong foundation to stand the rainy season will be crucial. We are grateful to Mission Tech for designing structures that will incorporate local materials to reduce cost but with durability to stand the weather.

Partner with us to bring the gospel to more people in this area by establishing Grace Chapel.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Lord of the harvest to prepare workers and the hearts of the Karimojong people.
  • Pray for more skilled volunteers to work along side the community
  • Pray for funding as our goal is to finish Grace Chapel before the end of this year.
  • For the Glory of God, and His will for the Karimojong people