Get Involved

Would you prayerfully consider your involvement as a pioneer that will bring this ministry to fulfill its mission effectively? More specifically, would you consider making a priority of this ministry as a prayer partner, financial supporter, or service provider?

 Prayer Partner

It is only through the work of God that lives will be changed. Thank you for your prayers.

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Financial Supporter

Thank you for supporting our ministry financially! All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt in the mail. Click below to Donate:

Service Provider

Interested in providing a service for our organization? We are in need of the following: 

Audio video equipment, printing equipment, beds, dormitory furniture, school furniture, commercial kitchen equipment, playground equipment, books, bibles, industrial generator, commercial tent, construction materials, industrial brick maker, bricks, concrete, plywood, roofing, doors, windows, structural elevator steel, elevator, flooring, trusses, hvac, plumbing, water pumps, lighting, electrical, fire sprinklers, motorcycle, truck, tractor, farming equipment, truck.

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