Fulfilling with Compassion both the great commandment and the great commission

In March 2007 I was looking for opportunities to serve God. My journey was intercepted by a young man Mario Loyep whom I knew from the past. Our path was re-united and the bond formed led us both to Karamoja. He led us to his home land where the elders were searching for new ways to help their people. The timing was perfect for both teams and the new relationship formed is now what we call hope for tomorrow.

Negotiations between the elders and Mrs. Susan Nsubuga began in 2007. In January 2008,  The Masters’ Vineyard Ministry team traveled to Moroto Uganda to see the site location and meet the Elders. Land transactions meetings began on January 13 ended on March 14 2008. The land transaction from the Karamajong elders to the Master’s Vineyard Ministry was signed and the documentation process through the local government started. The Masters’ Vineyard Ministry staff has conducted 12 trips to the area done research, and documentation to ensure both the ministry and the local elders accomplish their objectives. The land survey began in 2008 and was completed in November 2009. The survey done was approved by the Entebbe Land office in March 2010 and forwarded to the The Uganda Ministry of Lands in Kampala which is pending title issuance. In August 2011, the work on site to install a well was completed. It will be followed by  road construction, and a Multipurpose administration building.   The Master’s Vineyard Ministry will have full presence in the area during this time and moving forward to complete the education campus in 2024. Through the many components of development, the ministry will serve students starting with 3,000 and ending the completion to serve 15,000 students on a yearly basis. In the near future feeding schools in other towns such as Kotido, Kidepo, and all over Karamoja will be constructed making sure that every Karamajong child has access to education.

In The past 8 years, we have encountered many obstacles but have stayed the course. Poor road infrastructure and broken bridges in the area can shake anyone’s intestines so bad that only the committed to the projects promise to return.  Water from Mt. Moroto during the rainy season makes it impossible for our trucks to get to the site. Other infrastructure obstacles have been insecurity and lack of communication services. Although we were assured by the local elders that we would always have their protections, there were too many guns in the area to take the risks. We have communicated with the local community and designed the entire education development ministry to serve the entire community.  The government has fixed the water system within city limits and electricity. Road are being fixed in phases. Our goal is that this time, no karamajong will be left behind. From the young primary age to University level, we will provide services to educate and support the community in uplifting themselves from poverty.