Development Goals

Church Development

We plan, develop, and establish churches in rural communities. Rural areas have poor transportation infrastructure, we build churches in ratio to the population and within reasonable walking distance.       1. Grace Chapel 2. Evangelism 3. Fellowship 4. Discipleship 5. Outreach

gc-drive up3.14.2011_Master's Oasis-chapel

Educational Development

We plan, develop, and establish education centers, with housing facilities for both students and staff in rural communities. Relentless wars and diseases are devouring parents and leaving behind a young generation without education or skills. Reaching this future generation and equipping them with education, skill, and tools will help change lives and change culture. Here is what we have in progress   1. Grace Christian Academy (K-12th ) South Sudan 2. Grace  International preparatory (K-12th ) Malawi 3. Velocity Vocational  Academy (Certificate & Diploma) Uganda/South Sudan                                  4. University ( Undergraduate and graduate degrees) Uganda /South Sudan 5. Student & staff housing

Grace Christian Academy- Kapoeta South Sudan Grace Preparatory Academy -Kalumbu Malawi - CopyKaramoja Trinity University-Moroto UgandaOrphanage-kindergateen Care Center- Kalumbu Malawi - Copy

Community Development

The community development goal is to research the community infrastructure and work with both national and international agencies to improve them. Empowering nationals to invest in better roads,  communication services, peace resolutions health  and wellness 1. Oasis Community Center 2.Water & Utility Systems 3. Communication enhancement 4. Social conflict resolutions 5. Life enrichment programs

3.14.2011_Master's Oasis-fromwest3.14.2011_Master's Oasis-aerial





Community Development

Our goal is to provide the resources such as education, training and tools to the community, both individually and corporately to change the standard of living. 1. Housing projects 2. Agriculture projects 3. Micro business projects 4.Business ethics 5.Dairy operations