Grace Preparatory Academy

On March 8 2016 , I visited Malawi for the 1st time . Malawian people are hospitable, disciplined and had working. The country is facing many challenges because of weather changes .  In 2015 , they  imported 2% of their food supply because of the drought. Lack of rain has also impacted their energy industry. The water levels in lake Malawi and rivers have reduced the nation’s hydro energy production.

Our 2016 mission for Malawi is to build a Kindergarten on  1.7 Acre , a primary and secondary  boarding school on a 20.5 Acres  for 3,500 students in  Kalumbu village. The site has been surveyed  and architectural drawings are in progress. The Malawi office is headed by Dr. Jack Thaulo as Director of Operations . We are collaborating with the Ministry of  natural resources (energy and mining), Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture (irrigation and water development). The nation is looking  for investors and developers to enhance the energy production from 350 MW- t0 4000 MW. They welcome all environmental friendly technology such as Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, and Wind. The agriculture sector is looking for investment in machinery , irrigation equipment to increase food production during the rain season. Currently the nation has a food shortage of 2% and importing food to meet the demand.

Mrs Heatherwick and Susan NsubugaSusan Nsubuga with Cilla Assani jPG

George Banda, Susan Nsubuga, Agricuture team  (2) Ministry of education Team and Pastor Thaulo JPG

survey team with community leaders3Survey team with Community leaders

survey team with community leaders  (2)Senior Chief Kalumbu , His assistant at his home  (2)