Northern Uganda Missions Project

Over the past few years, God has been opening my eyes to the suffering of children in my country. Currently, the children needs still far outweigh the laborers fighting to keep them alive in the war-torn region of northern Uganda. Families have been torn apart by the 20 year conflict between the government and the IRA. This remnant generation of children without proper education face the responsibility of raising each other.

Considering that life expectancy in this region is 41% and most children die before the age of five, the remnant always have to fight to survive the war, diseases and starvation. A few children have the privilege of going to school. Since those few spend 25 years, half of their life time trying to better themselves, sharing the gospel at each level of children lives is critical. The illiteracy for the entire country is at 52 %. For this region, children only make it to 7th grade. This ministry is to bring hope to this generation where life is not celebrated the way God intended. We are establishing a christian environment that promotes and celebrates life.

Karamoja Today

The Karamoja subregion is a region in northeastern Uganda comprising of the districts of Kotido, Moroto, Kaabong and Nakapiripirit. Living in Karamoja are mainly the Karimojong ethnic group, most of whom follow a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Other groups in the region include the Oropom, Pokot, Ik and the Tepeth. Life in Karamoja has remained almost unchanged for thousands of years. Western technology, medicine, dress, culture, and Christianity, found in varying degrees throughout Uganda, have been adopted much more slowly by the Karimojong. Significant numbers of Karamojong belong to and attend both the Catholic and Anglican Churches. Baptist and Pentecostal Assemblies of God churches are also coming up in the area.

Educational Development

Mt Moroto Christian Academy

Mt. Moroto Christian Academy is a two in one school dedicated to meet the needs of each student. Upon completion, it will accommodate 3,000 Students with boarding and day attending option. Continue Reading →


Karamoja Technical Vocational Academy

Karamoja Technical Vocational Academy is designed to meet the needs of the population that cannot attend the regular school. Upon completion, students will both knowledge and hands on experience in a skill or trade that will enable them to earn a living. Continue Reading →


Karamoja Trinity University

Karamoja Trinity University will provide the opportunity for high school students who have a desire to become professional workers to meet their goal. The children research study done this summer shows the majority of future students have an interest in law and health services. Continue Reading →


Church Development

Karamoja Trinity Church

Economic Development

The Master’s Oasis