Karamoja Trinity University

Upon completion, Karamoja Trinity University will provide the opportunity for high school students who have a desire to become professional workers to meet their goal. The children research study done this summer shows the majority of future students have an interest in law and health services.

Karamoja Trinity University-Moroto Uganda

Fourth Module – University Education – 2017 – 2024

Karamoja Trinity University (KTU)

University level education in Sciences, Technology, Management, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Veterinary and Environmental Science will be provided once the facilities of KTU have been completed and staffed. There currently is no institution of higher learning in northeast Uganda. Two and four year degrees will be awarded. Enrollment is scheduled to peak at 10,000 students. This Phase is also defined to be implemented in two stages. Both Ugandan and International curricula will be employed, supplemented by projects addressing local issues such as security, famine, natural resource management and hygiene. Student employment and volunteering will be expected of all students. The total cost to complete construction is estimated at $41 M. All degree programs will be added according to the needs of the community and the surrounding region.To make a donation please click donate