Karamoja Vocational Technical Academy

This vocational technical school is designed to meet the needs of the population that cannot attend the regular school. Upon completion, students will both knowledge and hands on experience in a skill or trade that will enable them to earn a living.

Third Module – Vocational Education – 20117 – 2018

Karamoja Vocational Technical Academy (KVTA)

Phase 1 of Module 3 is directed toward solving the needs of Karamojan youth concerning vocational opportunities in the area. The target student population is youth between the ages of 14 and 18 who will spend one-half day in class and one-half day in apprentice programs with local businesses or in on-site workshops. Two-thirds of the students will board at the academy. Areas of study are to include solar energy, electronics, computers, automotive, baking, nutrition, carpentry, agriculture, masonry and mining. Approximately 1500 students will be accommodated with 1000 of these as boarding students. Costs of construction for the KVTA facilities are estimated at $14.M