The Master’s Oasis

Karamoja sub-region is a region in northeastern Uganda comprising of the districts of Kotido, Moroto, Kaabong and Nakapiripirit. Living in Karamoja are mainly the Karimojong ethnic group, most of whom follow a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

The region is mostly a semi-arid plain with harsh climate and low annual rainfall. It is largely Savannah, covered with seasonal grasses, thorny plants, and occasional small trees. The average elevation of the plain of Karamoja lies at around 1400 meters (4500 feet) above sea level. The large mountains; Mt. Kadam, Mt. Napak, and Mt. Moroto lying at the periphery of Karamoja have peaks reaching around 3000 meters (10,000 feet) and higher.

Cows are the pride and joy of the Karamajog. Cattle’s hustling is the aspiring sport for all young men in that region. Their passion for cows has led many young men to their graves. The journey they take each year in search for green pastures takes them into neighbor hostile territories such as western Kenya and northern Sudan. Showing them another way to increase their herd, food production, and water reservoirs for drought time a worthy cause.

The Master’s Oasis economic project will change the lives of the Karamajog without taking away their pride and joy.


  1. Introduce water preservation techniques.
  2. Introduce new agriculture techniques that will increase food production.
  3. Introduce new daily farming techniques to increase herds in small farms.
  4. Establish a community milk processing plant.
  5. Establish a community food market.