Mt. Moroto Christian School

Mt. Moroto Christian Academy is a two-in-one school dedicated to meet the needs of each student. Upon completion, it will accommodate 3,000 Students with boarding and day attending option.

Early elementary will consist of 1st grade through 7th grade. The high school potion will consist of Senior 1 through Senior 6. It will meet the required Uganda national curriculum and also provide an online international curriculum

Second Module – Primary/Secondary Education – 2016 -2018

Mt. Moroto Christian Academy (MMCA)

Phase 1 of the second module includes a two-stage construction of classrooms, dormitories, faculty, dining, laboratory and library facilities. The first stage will provide classrooms and other facilities for approximately 1500 students. Primary and secondary students will share facilities. 1500 of the students are expected to board at the school. The second phase of construction will essentially double the capacity and provide separate environments for primary and secondary students. Primary (P1-P7) curriculum is to be provided by the Uganda Ministry of Education. Its intent is to prepare learners for Secondary education, job opportunities and life skills. Uganda’s Ministry of Education curriculum is thematic in nature and child-centric, reflecting Karamoja’s children’s interests and experiences. The total budget for Phase 2 is set at $9.00 M, equally divided between the two stages. To make a donation please click donate