Board Members

Ms. Susan Nsubuga

CEO and Senior Project Director
 Susan’s vision of the ministry was founded in 2008 as a life-long commitment to the Karimojong people and rural African communities. She has a vision that karimojong people will rise to the occasion, becoming a self-reliant people, filled with hope for tomorrow; a hope that will transform into social, physical, spiritual and economic aspect of their lives and the rest of Uganda. 

Mr. Robert Schill

Director of Design and Engineering
Mr. Schill is a successful leader of design professionals. He has over 40 years of architectural experience include hands-on design and production. Projects of over $130M in size have been completed by leading creative professionals in a team environment. Mr. Schill is committed to client service and design excellence

Ms. Faith Gaines

Project Manager and International Coordinator
Ms. Faith is a graduate at the American Graduate School of International Management. Bi-lingual, she has traveled extensively providing aid for the impoverished. Her experience includes sales, marketing and communications.

Rev. Benjamin Twinamaan

International Director of Church Development
A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Rev. Twinamaan serves currently as the Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Tampa Palms, Florida. Rev. Twinamaan is Ugandan by birth, immigrating to the US in 1992 to study Theology. For further Information, go to

Dr. Kefa Sempangi – National Director of Church Development

Dr. Sempangi is the founder and Director of Africa Foundation in Uganda. In his career he has been a University Professor, Church planter and Member of Parliament. See his history at:[/profile]

Mr. Julius Mutekanga – National Coordinator

Mr. Mutekanga is the TMVM Uganda National Coordinator. He works at the Divine Grace Church of the Lord in Jinja. He is also the founder and director of Women and Orphans Initiative. He is   responsible for documentation and day to day communication

Mrs. Peace Kyambadde – National Chief Financial Officer

Mrs.Peace-Kyambadde.”]Mrs. Kyambadde lives near Kampala and operates a retail super store. She has 24 years of international import/export experience including the management of construction projects. She is a Christian youth speaker and counselor.

Mrs. Lillian Kamya – Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Kamya is a Uganda native and a clothing designer. She has addressed the economic challenges of small business and farming in that country. She has trained local women in YMCA certificate programs.